GitHub Paid vs Self Hosted

Since I said I’d write more I thought about this and now here I am writing about it.

Recently I started paying for GitHub repositories so I can have private repositories. Now why would I pay for private repositories when I can host GitLab on either my homelab or a cheap vps? It’s mostly to GitHub having backups, like if my homelab were to go offline I could lose data or even on a vps I could forget about the payment and lose all of my data. Honestly for $7 /m for unlimited private repositories – you can’t beat that. So now the question comes in, why didn’t I just use BitBucket? Well, I do use BitBucket for old projects that I don’t want to merge to GitHub. I prefer to keep all of my code in one place rather than 2 or 3.

So it really comes down to the easy way vs having to manage a server vs code in multiple places.

Until next time